We continue to improve the cooking processes and keeps searching for new taste combinations. The freshest, most delicate and enthusiastically cooked pancakes are stuffed with delicious, nutritious and sweet fillings.

There are meat, fish, mushrooms, cheese, vegetables, fruit and herbs among the ingredients. The customers are free in their choice: there are more than a dozen fillings and several sauces on offer!


The menu is famous for a variety of salads that fit every taste and many soft and hot drinks including popular coffee grades and in-house fruit drinks.

We plan to experiment with the recipes, for example, with inclusion of seafood in the fillings (for instance, what do you think about pancakes with shrimp?).

The operation principle of the Chain is the "open kitchen" - pancakes with fillings are cooked in front of the visitors, what provides maximum control and relieves the waiting time. The proven recipes and professionalism of the panmakers are the key to the excellent taste of the served menu items!