Hi there! My name is Konstantin Sevastyanov, I am the founder and CEO of Panster Chain.

I was born and raised in Rostov-on-don, Russia. After finishing school I graduated from the Rostov school of theology and then received an education in construction.

I started working at the age of 15, at construction sites. At the age of 18 I gathered my team and we began to do finishing works. Over time construction contracts came around. It was one of those contracts that I received eventually in Crimea. There I saw a high-potential niche in the field of food service industry. So, in late 2014 I decided to invest my savings in a street food project based on such a traditional dish as pancakes.

After some time the concept has changed to some extent, but the choice associated with pancakes, as time has shown, was correct.

Now the company expands, we build up in the fast food market and we welcome new partners and friends. Our team grows, while the staff has been formed to be young and forward-thinking. In the first years of work we managed to do something that took much more time from other companies in the similar market segment. Having studied many processes related to the management and cooking we were able to apply them at the early stage of development of the Chain. That allowed us to raise our product basically to the high quality standards.

We have been constantly working on automation of orders and processes optimizing the solution of active tasks. The result of this work is a worthy product that is the basis of our philosophy and, as I already noted, building of a young and motivated team.

We are not perfect, we still have a lot to work on, a lot to learn, but we have an ambition, and that is the main thing, in my opinion.

The next important step for the company's development will be our regional expansion — in 2020 we will become a nationwide chain. Special focus is on the development of the Chain with franchising partners. We will be glad to invite new partners and like-minded persons to fulfil all the set tasks. Our activities are transparent and we are open to communication.

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